23rd October 2022 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Robin Spiller

@Roadford Lake

There were supposed to be showers and 20mph gusts but they didn’t turn up until lunchtime. The races were wafted along on the gentlest of winds from various southerly directions. Ten boats crossed the start line and tacked towards the dam. The Roadford Commodore had added an OK to the beginning-to-be-familiar fleet of Supernovas, the Hadron 2, the International Canoe and the Albacore.

Only three Tamar boats went out. Linda Spiller and Bob Sampson had Radials and Adam Hilton his Solo. The three toured around at the back of the fleet, although hauled up the order a bit by the handicaps; Bob Sampson getting a sixth in the first race, Adam Hilton a sixth in the second.

Race 1

1 Norman Halstead Supernova
2 Richard Willows OK
3 Chris Tilbrook Albacore
4 Kevin Reed Supernova
5 Nick Wapshott Hadron H2
6 Bob Sampson Laser
7 Adam Hilton Solo
8 Steve Tostevin Supernova
9 Ed Bremner Int Canoe
10 Linda Spiller Laser Radial


Race 2

6Adam HiltonSolo

1 Norman Halstead Supernova
2 Steve Tostevin Supernova
3 Kevin Reed Supernova
4 Nick Wapshott Hadron H2
5 Chris Tilbrook Albacore
6 Adam Hilton Solo
7 Linda Spiller Laser Radial
8 Richard Willows OK
9 Ed Bremner Int Canoe
10 Bob Sampson Laser