Wednesday 31st May 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton
To maximise the number of boats on the water there was no OOD. Dave Perrett set the course.

Midweek Mug 6

The forecasts were again for 4 gusting 6 so the Bosun skippers agreed to put up small sails; Geoff Floyd did too on his Solo; but winds of this strength never materialised; true there were some powerful gusts but nothing of the forecast strength. Moreover the grey morning’s 12 degrees was replaced by a sunny 19 degrees, making for a very pleasant afternoon’s racing.

In the first race Adam Hilton’ Bosun, benefitting from Heasman-trained crew, crossed the line first, rounded Dam Green and Zebra first but then the Dabbs/Farmer Bosun (with the extra square footage of a standard jib) surged past on the way to the gibe at Inlet. Anna Walker sailed a Club Topper unobtrusively and well and was rewarded by the handicaps.

Cameron pushed the start button, we took our own finish times, noted down by Leila.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 John Dabbs Leila Farmer BOSUN 1228 00:43:20 0:35:17
2 Anna Walker TOPPER 1335 00:47:37 0:35:40
3 Geoff Floyd SOLO 1143 00:43:42 0:38:14
4 Adam Hilton Deve Perrett BOSUN 1228 00:48:36 0:39:35
5 Roger Heasman Rick Thurlow BOSUN 1228 00:49:59 0:40:42


Teatime Plate 2

For the second race some helm-swapping took place. Leila Farmer steered John Dabbs’ Bosun and Dave Perrett took over Adam Hilton’s. A trio of the Farmer/Dabbs Bosun, Geoff Floyd’s Solo and Roger Heasman, with new member Rick Thurlow, in the Club’s Bosun squabbled for the lead until the last lap when Roger took against Dam Green and, having struck the poor buoy twice decided to retire. Geoff won on the water but got demoted by Sailwave. Anna Walker stayed onshore and did a bit of OODing. Thanks, Anna.


Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Leila Farmer John Dabbs BOSUN 1228 00:43:58 0:35:48
2 Geoff Floyd SOLO 1143 00:42:07 0:36:51
3 Dave Perrett Adam Hilton BOSUN 1228 00:45:44 0:37:15
4 Roger Heasman Rick Thurlow BOSUN 1228 RET