11th June 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Mandy Pollard

Pursuit 2

John Buckett in his little Otter led off this pursuit race on a day of sun and highly variable winds from points around the northeast. He had already completed a lap before the last four competitors had started their races. This was because a fishing competition had located sixty anglers around the banks of Tamar Lake; the water on which to sail was thus very limited and the laps consequently short, consisting of a triangular course from the Dam up to Middle, across to West and back again. It was however a requirement to leave Home 1 to starboard, a necessity forgotten by three helms at different points in the race, resulting in their disqualification. Behind the flying Buckett, three Bosuns competed. John Dabbs, sailing alone, was third to start but finished second. Brian Pollard, equally alone, began second but finished fifth. Roger Heasman and Dave Perrett began and ended in fourth. The fast full-sailed Lasers began the race between thirteen and nineteen minutes after the start. It was a lot of time to make up. Nathan Pollard managed to get up to sixth at the end; Jane Anderson achieved an impressive third. John Buckett’s Otter was never headed.

  1. John Buckett (Otter)
  2. John Dabbs (Bosun)
  3. Jane Anderson (Laser Full)
  4. Roger Heasman and Dave Perrett (Bosun)
  5. Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  6. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)

Disqualified Adam Hilton (Solo), Paul Anderson (Laser Full), Graham Joyce (Laser Radial)


Many thanks were given to Penny Abbott, Officer of the Day, and to Mandy Pollard who took the photographs.