Wednesday 7th June 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Midweek Mug 7

The sun and the easterlies continued their long run at Tamar Lake. Three Bosuns started and also Dave Perrett’s Solo. Adam Hilton and Penny Abbott’s Bosun started the race first. At Dam Green Roger Heasman (Rick Thurlow crewing) was able to cut in on John Dabbs (with Leila Farmer) at Dam Green and John ended up with a penalty turn. Dave Perrett sailed serenely past the lead Bosun and was first around West White before being up-ended by a gust.

On lap 2 The Heasman/ Dabbs squabble continued with John just ahead at West White but Roger back in front by the end of the lap. The position was reversed at Dam Green on lap 3.

  1. Adam Hilton and Penny Abbott (Bosun)
  2. John Dabbs and Leila Farmer (Bosun)
  3. Roger Heasman and Rick Thurlow (Bosun)
  4. Dave Perrett (Solo )


Teatime Plate 3

Roger Heasman had to depart leaving three boats in the race. Penny Abbott, now helming the Hilton Bosun, led at the off and around Dam Green but was overtaken by John Dabbs who led from then on. Dave Perrett threatened at times but it was much harder dealing with the gusts in his Solo than it was in the Bosuns.

  1. John Dabbs and Leila Farmer (Bosun)
  2. Penny Abbott and Adam Hilton (Bosun)
  3. Dave Perrett (Solo)


Many thanks were given to Linda Spiller and Rick Thurlow, Officers of the Day.