13th August 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Mandy Pollard

Commodore 3

Wind speeds were not a problem, indeed at times there was very little of the mainly southwesterly winds, it was the strength and unpredictability of the gusts which demanded a cautious approach. Nathan Pollard was the only helm to put a full size sail on his Laser. He was able to lead the race, if not from the start, then from the third buoy onwards but he couldn’t get far enough ahead – he finished half a minute before second-running Bob Sampson – to overcome the handicap advantage of Bob’s smaller Radial sail.

Brian Pollard in his Bosun (Cilla Gilbert crewing) made an impressive start and remained in front of the faster boats until after Inlet buoy when the faster Lasers started to get by. However the smallest Laser sail has a better handicap than a Bosun and Linda Spiller, despite finishing just under twenty seconds behind the Pollard Bosun, was promoted to a place above.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class RYA PNs Elapsed Corrected
1 Bob Sampson LASER RADIAL 1150 0:40:31 0:35:14
2 Nathan Pollard LASER 1101 0:39:04 0:35:29
3 Jane Anderson LASER 4.7 1210 0:44:13 0:36:33
4 Linda Spiller LASER 4.7 1210 0:44:39 0:36:54
5 Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert BOSUN 1198 0:44:21 0:37:01
6 Roger Heasman Adam Hilton BOSUN 1198 0:45:23 0:37:53
7 Paul Anderson LASER RADIAL 1150 0:45:40 0:39:43
8 Dave Perrett SOLO (S) 1142 0:49:33 0:43:23
9 Robin Spiller STREAKER 1128 DNS


Spalding Cup 3

Dave Perrett, the small sail on his Solo unrecognized by the handicap system, made a very good start and, the Solo pointing high into the wind, was still well-placed at the first buoy, before being engulfed by the fleet. Nathan Pollard again established himself in the lead with Bob Sampson again chasing. Indeed this race became something of a procession with the helms finishing each lap in the same order. The two 4.7 Lasers of Jane Anderson and Linda Spiller followed the front runners and the two Bosuns of Brian Pollard and Roger Heasman followed them. Dave Perrett’s underpowered Solo brought up the rear. At least his smaller sail made it easier to cope with the gusts.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class UTLSC PNs Elapsed Corrected
1 Nathan Pollard LASER 1076 0:33:17 0:30:56
2 Jane Anderson LASER 4.7 1186 0:37:18 0:31:27
3 Bob Sampson LASER RADIAL 1111 0:35:21 0:31:49
4 Linda Spiller LASER 4.7 1186 0:39:03 0:32:56
5 Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert BOSUN 1228 0:41:38 0:33:54
6 Roger Heasman Adam Hilton BOSUN 1228 0:42:34 0:34:40
7 Dave Perrett SOLO 1143 0:45:42 0:39:59

Grateful thanks were given to Penny Abbott who ran the races and to Mandy Pollard who took the photographs.