3rd September 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Louise Witchell

Commodore 5

A beautiful day and the promise of a shore-side barbeque after the racing brought sailing and non-sailing members to Tamar Lake. Nine boats took to the water for the noon race. The very light winds meant that all five of the Lasers’ helms except Paul Anderson, who chose a Radial, had full sized sails. There were two Solos, Dave Perrett’s flying a shiny black Kevlar sail for the first time. Robin Spiller was out in his Streaker and Steve Smith was helming Roger Heasman’s Bosun.

The Solo of Adam Hilton crossed the start line in the lead but before the first buoy, Dam Green, Sue Murray and Jane Anderson in Lasers had slipped by. Robin Spiller was next around the buoy and then the Smith/Heasman Bosun, pushing Nathan Pollard wide. But on the gentle sail to Inlet Nathan Pollard disposed of the Bosun and the Spiller Streaker. At Pinkie he went by the Solo and by the end of what turned out to be a slow two lap race, he was past Sue Murray’s Laser and in second place. Robin Spiller and Adam Hilton had a pass and repass race with Dave Perrett joining them at the end.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser Full)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  3. Dave Perrett (Solo)
  4. Adam Hilton (Solo)
  5. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  6. Sue Murray (Laser Full)
  7. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)
  8. Steven Smith and Roger Heasman (Bosun)

Disqualified: Paul Anderson (Laser Radial)


Spalding 5

There were now three Bosuns in the fleet: John Dabbs’ with Penny Abbott as crew, Louise Witchell helming hers with Linda Spiller and Roger Heasman now at the helm of his with Steve Smith in charge of the jib sheets.

Jane Anderson continued to demonstrate her light wind mastery, again finishing first, in front, this time, of Sue Murray with Nathan Pollard (who managed, on this day of very light winds, to capsize!) in third. The Bosun race began with Roger Heasman starting well but not being given enough water by Adam Hilton at Dam Green, hitting the Solo and doing penalty turns. John Dabbs ended up leading the Bosuns and being awarded a joint third place by the handicaps. Louise Witchell got ahead of Roger Heasman and was still there at the finish.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser Full)
  2. Sue Murray (Laser Full)
  3. Dave Perrett (Solo) equal with John Dabbs and Penny Abbott (Bosun)
  4. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  5. Loise Witchel and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  6. Roger Heasman and Rick Thurlow (Bosun)
  7. Paul Anderson (Laser Radial)

Retired: Adam Hilton (Solo)

Many thanks to Penny Abbott  who ran the first race and to Robin Spiller who ran the second. Louise Witchell took the pictures.

Racing was followed by a very enjoyable BBQ. Many thanks to Bob Sampson & John Dabbs for resurrecting the barbeque, cleaning it and providing the charcoal and lighters.