8th August 2018 race report

Teatime Tankard/Roger’s Bosuns 3

Sadly, although sailing conditions were good with a strong breeze down the lake towards the dam and “fluffy white clouds” in a sunny sky, only 3 crews took to the water.  From the start the race developed into a procession led by Nathan Pollard in a Laser full rig, followed by the two Bosuns of Sally Wills and Roger Heasman, followed by Brian Pollard and Robin Spiller.  Trying to round dam green on lap 2 Sally was caught out by a gust, causing her to make an extra tack, but she managed to maintain her lead over Brian.  Nathan finished nearly 5 minutes in front of the Bosuns, but his PY unkindly took a toll.

Teatime Tankard 3

1.      Sally Wills & Roger Heasman (Bosun)

2.      Nathan Pollard  (Laser full)

3.      Brian Pollard & Robin Spiller  (Bosun)

Roger’s Bosuns 3

1.      Sally Wills & Roger Heasman (Bosun)


Many thanks to Cilla Gilbert for acting as Officer of the Day.