30th June 2019 Race Report

Cup 5

There were six starters; all sizes of Laser sail were represented; Nathan Pollard had a Full, Steve Axford a Radial and Jane Anderson a 4.7. Vicki Duncalf sailed her familiar Topper and got away very well together with Jane Anderson who pulled ahead on the long beat to West White. The bigger sailed Lasers were soon chasing, with Nathan Pollard ending the lap in front, Jane Anderson second and Steve Axford third. They finished the race in size order – Pollard , Axford, Anderson, but the handicap stood that result on its head! Following the Laser battles was the Aero 5 of Adam Hilton with behind him, Sally Wills helming the Bosun with Brian Pollard. The north westerly breeze was fresh and variable throughout.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  2. Steve Axford (Laser Radial)
  3. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  4. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  5. Adam Hilton (Aero 5)
  6. Sally Wills and Brian Pollard (Bosun)

Tamar 6

Bob Sampson joined the fleet in the Hilton Aero 5 as did Sue Murray in her Laser 4.7. She however was only intermittently a part of the race, being beset by small disasters such as the boom parting from the goose neck! Nathan Pollard was first away with Vicki Duncalf getting her signature fine start in second and Steve Axford in third. But Bob Sampson was already finding the Aero’s speed and chased the two leading Lasers, of which Steve Axford’s led at the end of the lap. Nathan Pollard had overtaken Steve Axford by the end of the second lap but so had Bob Sampson and that was the order they finished in, despite the Aero briefly unseating Bob Sampson. Jane Anderson, consistently fourth on the water, finished a couple of minutes behind the leader and the handicap gave her the victory. Bob Sampson retained in the final results his second place over the finish line.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  2. Bob Sampson (Aero 5)
  3. Steve Axford (Laser Radial)
  4. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  5. Nathan Pollard Laser (Full)
  6. Brian Pollard and Sally Wills (Bosun)

 Many thanks were given to John Duncalf and Pavol Rovensky, the Officers of the Day, and to Mandy Pollard for photographs.