Wednesday 26th June 2019 Race Report

Midweek Mug 4

On arrival at the Lake there was a lot of south easterly wind coming over the opposite hill, as was forecast. Bob Sampson was contemplating putting a 4.7 on his Laser! Is this a first? But by the time the starting horn blew most of the wind had disappeared leaving Adam Hilton, with Cilla Gilbert in his Bosun, and Geoff Floyd in his Solo, both boats flying small sails, looking a little foolish. In the end Bob Sampson and Nathan Pollard used Radials and it was Nathan who got away first. They were neck and neck going to West but Bob overtook, only to capsize at Inlet (I don’t know why, he said afterwards) and let Nathan past again. The other tussle going on was between the Bosun and the Solo. The Bosun had started ahead but lost ground at Dam Green, allowing Geoff past. Then the Solo lost ground at Inlet, regained it on the way to Far and lost it again at that buoy. Bob led the rest of the race until the last minute when he misjudged the beat to the line, allowing Nathan past. Geoff got past Adam before the finish as well.

  1. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  2. Bob Sampson (Laser Radial)
  3. Adam Hilton and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  4. Geoff Floyd (Solo)

Many thanks to Linda Spiller for OODing.